Savannah Rapids

since the 1880s

Mon - Sat: 10 am - 4 pm
 (706) 868-3373

Inside the Lockkeeper's Cottage you'll find a selection of locally produced  and Georgia products as well as a wealth of information to help you discover the best that the Classic South has to offer. (While stunning, this facility is not affiliated with Savannah Rapids Pavilion and cannot be rented or used for event purposes.)

Though the Augusta Canal was opened in 1845, the picturesque Lockkeeper's Cottage was built later with the other historic buildings (Dining Hall, Dance Pavilion, and BBQ Pit).

Full of Southern Charm, the Cottage displays a replica of what the Lockkeeper's bedroom may have looked like when he lived and worked here. Visitors can also expect a wealth of pictorial history of Columbia County, and learn about the economic significance of the Augusta Canal to the City of Augusta and the surrounding areas.

Stop by and say "Hi" to our knowledgeable staff Monday through Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm. Be sure to take in the spectacular views of the Augusta Canal from our porch before continuing on your exploration of everything Savannah Rapids and the Augusta Canal Trails have to offer.


Teachers and leaders of a local children's groups may choose to schedule a free tour of the cottage (Monday - Friday only). Working in conjunction with the Augusta Canal Authority it would be possible to see the headgates area and when you are finished, board the Petersburg Boat replica and float down the 8-mile canal to Enterprise Mill to walk through the Discovery Center.

For more information about tours, scheduling, or volunteering call the center directly at (706) 868-3373.


Historic Columbia County